What Was He Thinking?

My ex and i had went out for a little over a month. The first time he broke up with me, which was only for 2 minutes, he had his friend do it. The second time it was out of the blue. He sent me a text saying "It's over!". Considering i was sick that day, he didn't make my day any better.

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At the time I was with my ex for 7 yrs. We were going out since I was 12. Then I sort of messed up. I kind of grew up and he was still a boy at times. Smoking weed everyday like it was cigs, all he talked about cars. But he treated me like I was a princess and cared a lot about me. I was his world. Then ya one day it just got old. I needed more intelligence from a guy besides cars. I didn't call him for a few weeks and he worried his *** off about me to the point where he actually called up my parents and asked for me. They told him I was working alot. Well, I met a sailor he was intelligent in every way possible. He was sexy hot in his uinforms and all. We started going out, I called up my ex and told him. He told me that was fine as long as I was happy. All he wanted me to be was happy. To this day I think back and see how freaking self fish I was. It's not fair to him. To this day I talk to him he has a gf but I know he's not himself. He's been so hurt and how can I possibly be one of those girls' that hurted him? I'm not that kind of person. I would do anything for anybody. How can I possible do that to a guy that I went out with for so long? Was it because we were more like friends then bf and gf? We went to each other for everything and solved each others problems. It'll be 13 yrs that we've known each other this summer. <br />
It could be alot worse just like that story. Just be glad it was only for a month. The shorter the better. You're not going to find your dream guy overnight. It's going to take awhile.

Have you ever apologised to him? And let him know what you've just told us?

Both of those were very harsh and selfish of him. He sounded like a coward that he could not face you to do it in which case you were better off without him.