I Am Not Your Property...

I had a boyfriend, we were together for I think 3 years or so (I was ca 16 years, so it wasn't a really ROMANCE and we maybe just thought that it's love...i dont know...). At the beginning, everything was ok. After two or three years he startet to act like if I was his property, all the time just called me and said "OK, we are going there and there, be ready, I'll pick you up in 30 minutes. bye!"... Never asked me, if I want to go, or if I don't have already another plans... The last time he did it (and that I broke up with him): He called me on the 29th of december like "Clear it with your parents, we are going for the New Years Eve on a trip with my friends, bye!" Not a word about What do you think about this, do you wanna go or so... I told him that I have another plans and he was like "I thought you want to be with me!"

LadyK81 LadyK81
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1 Response Jul 6, 2009

He seems to be doing a lot of assuming and ordering. I could not stand it. My boyfriend always asks me what I think. If I don’t like something we will talk it threw. A relationship has to be like a partnership if it is to last. Being taken for granted can make you feel small and that your opinions and feelings are unimportant.