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Breakup? What Breakup?!?

Here's my own story about a ridiculous breakup. I don't know that it's the worst EVER, but it's certainly infuriating.

I had been dating this guy for about a year. He had some serious issues, but he was really sweet and considerate, always surprising me with little presents, etc. So I kept hoping that there was a future to the relationship. But at some point I finally realised that it needed to end.

I worked up the courage to call him (we were living about an hour away from each other at the time, so we weren't seeing each other too frequently) and told him it was over. We could still be friends, we could still hang out, but our relationship issues were just too much to be overcome. He cried. I cried. We were on the phone for awhile before I finally called it quits.

I was going to let him make the next move, since he was the injured party. If he wanted to be friends, that was fine. If not, that was fine too, and probably easier.

About a week went by and I hadn't heard from him. Then I got home and apparently he'd been calling all day trying to reach me. I thought something might be wrong, so I called him back.

He was acting evasive, trying to make small talk, etc. I was trying to figure out why he was calling me all day if he didn't have anything to say. Then all of a sudden he comes out with it: "I think we should break up. It's not you, it's me. Blah blah blah." After saying this, he immediately shifted to, "There's people at the door, so I have to go. Bye." Click.

I was absolutely stunned. I don't think I said anything. My mouth was hanging open. I threw the wireless phone across the room in my fury. What the heck?

Did he legitimately forget that I had broken up with him? Did he suppress the memory of that hour long tear filled conversation? I don't think it's possible that he misunderstood what I was saying in any way. Maybe he had people on his end that he wanted to convince that he didn't get dumped, that he had dumped me? I still can't make sense of it. What the heck?!?

journeyfulloflaughter journeyfulloflaughter 26-30, F 670 Responses Oct 18, 2007

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woow that is ridiculous. he obviously didn't forget, he probably just wanted it to seem like he broke up with you instead of the other way around.

yeahh i know how that feels i broke up with him cuz he was cheeating and i walked upo to him with my friends and they wtzched me do it and a week latter he told everyone he broke up with me?? im like uhmm chirss nnoo and my girls had my back and he switched schools beouse eveyone thought he was a complete liar

it seems that when it comes to breaking up, if it's not the guy's idea, he doesn't like it. but it's perfectly ok for them to break up with you. must be an ego thing.

Seems as though he didn't enough balls to admit (even if it was just to himself) that YOU, in fact, was the one who ended it. It made a good story to tell though. Nicely done. :]

I think that the chick he got engaged to after 3 months had been there when you were dating him and she found out about you. She probably made him call you in front of her to satisfy her that he had ended it with you. Even though you had already kicked him to the curb, he probably played it off like you 2 were still at it just to make old girl jello!!! Screw his insecure butt!!! You can do better, you can also laugh at the fact that he is such a f***** sissy-boy!!!

that is absolutely ridiculous something almost identical happen to me/

hahah funny as. not in a ha ha kinda way though..

I have a tie on the worst ways: by his best friend (who was his new gf, the one he was leaving me for) and by IM. Those both really suck.

At least he didn't S.M.S you!!

Are men stupid on purpose or are they just plain stupid?

Ha ha, yeah that is kinda funny, but a little weird.

That's hilarious. Well he got you back for breaking up with him. That's one imaginative dude.<br />
<br />
Sometimes revenge comes in unexpected ways.

try by TEXT MESSAGE. <br />
<br />
that's called COWARD

I think it was one of two things. He was either saving face in front of friends or it was a ploy to get you back.<BR><BR>It is human nature to want what we can't have and there is, supposedly, a fool-proof method to get your ex back based on this fact. He was trying to make you feel like YOU had been dumped and YOU couldn't have him. You inevitably will start to give it some thought ... why would he want to dump me? ... whats wrong with me? ... is he seeing someone else? The theory is that these little thoughts and doubts turn into obsessional thoughts until you feel hurt and are convinced you want your ex back. I read it on the internet myself. I know it isn't quite the same as what happened between you and your ex but it sounds similar - the vagueness, the suddenly hanging up of the phone without actually having said anything. Its meant to cause a reaction within you. And bearing in mind you googled him recently means that a seed was planted somewhere in you mind. <BR><BR>Getting engaged 3 months later is a sign that he may also be on the rebound. Whatever, you have both moved on so its best that you continue to do so. <BR><BR>I have a similar story to yours only this "fool-proof" method was used and subsequently worked on me. I am now the injured party If it was a ploy to get you back be grateful you didn't fall for it.

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looks like he beat ya!

Maybe he was just trying to save his face at that time...Anyway, forgive him. Surely you will be able to meet someone who deserves YOU.

I'd say kick him to the curb but, you already did don't waste your pretty on it (as they say)

Maby he was trying to save face, or is in total denial.<br />
But why did it upset you?<br />
<br />
It's not like it's a dumping compitition... anybody care to clairify?

Ha ha This happened to my sister years ago....... we always thought it was funny.<br />
We think the guy was so stubborn that he was not listening........ Not in the reality of things,,, but was good for a good laugh.... the funny thing about my sisters story is that she was not dating the guy,,, he was our mechanic and had a super big crush on her,,, sending her little gifts... she told him to stop calling her and that she was not interested,, and a few days later he called to break up with

Oh and wanted his little gifts

hahaha im sorry but thats funny and sad at the same time. At least he doesn't bother you any more right? Anyways he sounds like a creeper too.haha

funny, ha ha? Nope. funny, stupid? Yeah.<br />
immature, moron, bizarre? I think so.<br />
You say "I was going to let him make the next move, since he was the injured party."<br />
Well, he did... and he said he didn't want to be just friends. Delusional? I don't think so. You left the door open, he just closed it. Why are you wasting time stressing on this guy? You knew he has problems, and thank the Lord "he" chose to walk away. You should consider yourself fortunate not to have him stalking you instead! I would have laughed it off, grateful for the easy way out...I'm on your side, move on, get a new guy, or two! lol

Gee...I just knew your punch line would be...that YOU had dialed a wrong number when YOU called to break up! Well...the guy clearly DID have issues...don't question what he did..logic cannot be applied. He was obviously "saving face" gracious and let him have the reality he created for himself...and just be glad you ESCAPED..that it IS over!

I have had a simimiar story. Mine is a little different but confusing and everyone said he was crazy, starving for attention and lame. Same for your situation. Me and the guy never hitted it off, and I am glad that I did not. Just be glad that is it over.

This guy was immature for sure, but so were you. It sounds to me like you sprung this breakup on him. Despite what many of the shallow individuals on this page may tell you, the mature thing to do would've been to discuss the problems you had before reaching the decision to break up. i.e. these things need to be fixed or else the relationship just can't last. or things just don't feel the same any more, I think we need to try something new. then if that process doesn't work out, you break up, and it's no surprise to anyone. The idea to break up doesn't just hit YOU spontaneously, and it's not fair to him to lay it on HIM like that.<br />
<br />
But as I said, this guy is obviously much less mature than you are. I just had to voice my opinion to balance out this flood of 100% biased crap.

Interesting story... very clear to me what he was doing. He was deeply rejected and hurt over the breakup, so much so that he felt he couldn't be friends so this was his way of taking control over the breakup so he wouldn't be the one to feel dumped. Some men are very proud and don't handle rejection well and will go to any lengths to protect their own pride.

Interesting story... very clear to me what he was doing. He was deeply rejected and hurt over the breakup, so much so that he felt he couldn't be friends so this was his way of taking control over the breakup so he wouldn't be the one to feel dumped. Some men are very proud and don't handle rejection well and will go to any lengths to protect their own pride.

i believe, after reading your story that maybe he had some other women there (maybe the one from work) and he might have been seeing her for awhile along with you... when you called he wanted to act (although childish) like he was getting rid of you in front of her, to make her feel like he chose her over you ... just a thought from another male

Well if I've been with someone for a year I would have courage to tell him in face that we break up. <br />
<br />
Maybe it was his way to say how inconsiderate your method of breaking up was. You feel bad when someone breaks up with you but you feel really **** when someone does it through telephone...