I Know a Bad Way..

It was a Wednesday. I had originally planned to go jogging at my favorite park, which happens to be located to my ex's apartment. I told him about how I wanted to work out, and he invited me to join him at the gym. I agreed, and met with him. We talked for a while, and started stretching, but ended up doing other things, hah. I didn't get to do my morning workout.

Later that evening, on AIM, I asked him why his ex had new pictures of herself at his parents' house. He told me that they were actually old pictures, but I didn't believe him, because in the new pictures she had short hair. (She cut her long hair after they broke up.)  I asked him if they spend time together and he said yes, sometimes. This was news to me and I didn't like how I didn't know this before. I told him that I felt as if he were hiding something by not telling me these things, and that's when he called me a douchebag and told me to get lost. I am serious, that is what he said to me... That is how he broke up with me..
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3 Responses Oct 19, 2007

wow what a f***er!!!

wow!!!<br />
he's not just a douchebag but an *******!!!<br />
you were too smart for him -- u knew wat he was up to.^^

wow. HE'S a douchebag. <br />
forgive my name calling.