You Are The Lion! :D

You Are a Lion

You are just in all your actions. You want to be seen as both honest and fair.
You are wise and discerning. You focus on what really matters in life.

You have ideals, but you try not to let those ideals get in the way of living your life.
You are conscientious. You are diligent and reliable, even when it isn't easy to be.

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4 Responses Jun 6, 2011

Awwwww! Oldboxy! :D i lmao! lol :D Ahhhh! how beautiful is your story, my sweet friend :D thank you so much for sharing with me! that is so lovely thank you! :D <br />
Like my husband and i! :D <br />
Thank you so much for commenting and sharing with me! :D

I don't know about my "inner cat" but there's an "outter cat clawing on my leg just as I saw your story. I got this cat as a kitten the same day we got our dog. The cat weighted 1 pound and the dog 2. They've grown up together, they play together, they sleep together, they clean each other. They are supportive of and dependant upon each other.<br />
Come to think of it, that's just like my inner cat and my wife's inner dog. and just like our cat and dog...we love each other very much.

It is me defiantely Plaid my darling! :D Thank you so much for commenting! my doll! :D :D

How feel about this, Welsh?