I Mean Even the Song Said "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"...

As long as they are not hurting themselves or those they are "having fun" with, then what reason is there why an unbridled lust and a healthy appetite are a bad thing?

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2 Responses Mar 27, 2009

it has a lot to do with insecurties. it's unfathomable to me why people think that when your partner ***** someone outside of marriage, that this is the end of the partnership. people seem to not know the difference between sex-lust and partnership. if we're lucky, it's the same thing. if your partner is being safe and comes back to you, is it cheating?<br />
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and most men can't satisfy one woman, much less a harem! so nymphs (the men are satyrs, i believe) go after multiple ***** to satisfy their needs. on the other hand, the irony is that we're never satisfied! ;)

A reason it can be a bad thing is that they can end up hurting themselves, and by the time they realize it, it's too late.<br />
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But that's not why nymphs are socially unacceptable anyway :)