March 1988

It was a dark and stormy night,seriously.My boss and I were the last ones working,and just waiting for the storm to let up a little when she asked if I had ever been with a woman before.I said no,and she immediately said"I want to show you something"..We went into the kitchen of the restaurant and into her office.She sat on the desk and had me sit in the chair right in front of her,I was pretty nervous and she could tell.She unbuttoned her shirt and took it off,then slowly took off her bra exposing those 44dd´s,almost teasing,though trust me,no teasing was necessary.I was ready for whatever she wanted.She had me massage her entire upper body and kiss her all over...Lets just say this experience I am sure is where my interest in older women comes from ;) .
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Jan 13, 2013