Girl Next Door

There was a girl next door,when her parents went to work she invited me to her house.I went inside n saw her going upstairs. I followed her to her room...she locked the door and pushed me to the bed.She kissed me and i touch her boobs,she didnt wear a bra...n i can feel her nipple.Suddenly she stop kissing...n went to the bathroom,I waited her for a min n this time she appears with no bra n no clothes,only underwear.Her boob was amazing n big,she grab my hand to her boob....i squeze it n kissed her again.I pushed her to bed,sucking n licking her nip harder....she strted to make some noise 'uhhh....uhhh'.After spending time plying wit her body i decided to go home cuz my parents call me.

My parents went to a ball tht night n i invited her to my room n i started to sucking her nip.....she was amazing and enjoyed it
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Your grammar is horrific



Great story, made me very horny reading it!

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Just did!