Poker Night

We invite some guys from work over for a poker night to relax after a long week of work. Terry a kind of short guy I guess about 5’4” dark hair, kind of round. Jo a tall black guy about 6’2”. And then Jim and older guy about 5’8” gray hair, a little bit of a belly but still in good shape. And you and I makes five for poker. Everybody brings what they like to drink so there is beer, whisky, and we got a few bottles of sweat wine. We also made some dip and there is all kinds of chips and snacks.

We all settle down at the table to play with our snakes, drinks, and $50 in chips. Music is playing lightly in the background but we can still all talk normally so it is not to loud. At first as we play most of the talking is about work and that kind of BS. Just to let us relax and ***** about the week. As we play who ever looses the hand gets up and gets every ones drinks filled that needs one. Once we are done bitching about work and the booze relaxes us more like normal when we get together the conversation get sexual with a lot of sexual innuendos. I think I even see you blush a couple times.

We all have fun with the flirting. You even start flirting and teasing us with a few comments but it looks like you are winning. Jo and terry are first out of chips I am really low and looks like you have all the chips. So as a joke you tell them you will give them each $10 in chips if they give you there shirts. Not thinking they would but they called your bluff and give you there shirts so you give them there chips. Jo’s chest is built not chiseled but built. His arms matches the rest of his body big. Terry’s chest looks more like a keg from his chest to his waist all round.

With Terry next to you and Jo accosts from you, you start to get distracted and start loosing a few hands till your chips are about gone. Jim makes a bet you can’t cover witch puts you all in. Jim takes your last little bit of chips and offers you the same thing you offered Terry and Jo. You have on a bra, white thin and almost see thru sports bra but a bra so you take it and loose your shirt. You get up to get our drinks and we all watch as you bounce around in your bra. When you come back with the drinks you can see that we all are watching as we try to adjust ourselves to make our pants more comfortable. I loose my top soon after. Now you have terry on one side of you and me on the other topless.

I win a few hands taking mainly your chips till you are out. When you are out again I offer you 15 for your pants. At first you say no but want to still play so you eventually give me your pants and sit there in your panties that match your bra white thin and almost see through in the front and barely covers your bum. With them being white and thin we can see where you are excited even though you are trying to hide a little. All us guys are watching you and talking to you not paying attention to the cards till you have us all out of our pants. Terry and I have boxers, Jim has boxer briefs and Jo has tighty whites that can not contain him as he is sticking out the top about an inch or more. With seeing him stand and take off his pants and seeing his over the top you are really distracted and loose your chips again. Jo has all your chips and offers you 20 for your bra. And you say no. so he offers you the same 20 to spend the next 2 hands in his lap sense you still have a little on you say ok but need something to drink first. You get up and get us all a drink and take a seat in Jo’s lap. With his head above his undies you feel it on your back as you lean against him so he can see the cards. You let your hands rest on his legs. You feel him twitch behind you as he makes it move a little here and there looking over your shoulder into your bra at your **** when he dose. With you leaning against him raising your chest for the rest of us to admire. Your nips as hard as the **** you are teasing under you.

When the two hands are over and you get up the wet spot has grown also making your panties see through. Now even though you are covered we can see your lips and your ring. You head for the rest room saying to deal you in as you go. I get up and grab us all a drink while you are in the restroom. Jo lost a lot while you was sitting in his lap and he was looking more down your shirt then at the table, and after giving you your 20 he had annie but that was about it. So for him it was all in really quick. It ended up being a big put but you won it. So you asked Jo how much for his tighty whites? He said 40 if he took them off 30 if you took them off. So you slid him 30 and he walked over to you. You hooked your fingers around his waist band and slowly took them off facing him. His now naked **** was right in front of your face pointing right at you. All you did was watch it as you lowered his undies to the floor. When he stepped out of then his head brushed against your lips depositing a little bit of precum for you to taste on your lips. But that was as far as he got. Till you sat back up his undies in your hand. The next time it cam to you loosing again you fingered it would be easer to loose the bra for 20 then give someone time to think of something to do. I buy your bra for 20. You get our undies 30 for each set and you have fun removing them all one at a time, slowly.

Your undies are last to go. And again Jo wins them for 30 and he gets to take them off. So you walk over to him so he can. He pulls you in close to him. He grabs the front of your waist band with his teeth and slowly pulls down the front then he turns you to your side grabs the waist band again and slowly pulls it down a little. Then the back and the other side. Turning you around with his hands on your hips the hole time. You feel his breath between your legs as he slowly pulls them down. Till they fall to your feet free. You step out of them and head back to your seat. You make the comment now that everyone is naked what are we going to play for when someone runes out of chips. don’t know yet will see when someone runes out.
With watching Jo take your panties off we are all really distracted but I guess I am more then the others cause I am the first one out of chips and seams like you have won them all. So you offer me 30 to get a new bottle of wine, refill your glass and to give your shoulders a massage for the next two hands. I head to the fridge to get the bottle open it and when I get back the hand is already started so I poor your glass and start your massaging your shoulders. My rock hard **** against your back. You lean against me as I do pressing me against you harder. You are distracted for the next two hands as stand behind you massaging your shoulders, neck, ears, and temples. You loose almost everything but a little bit to get the next hand started. Witch you are quickly all in for.

This time Jim is the lucky one with all the chips. He tries to offer you the 20 to sit in his lap for two hands but you say no. now there are no cloths so one hand or 30 for two. He slides you 30 and scoots down in his seat to give you room in his lap. With his **** hard it is standing strait up. You try to slide around it but as you sit it slides right in. You have to lean back again so Jim can see the table and play his arms around you when he brings his cards up to see your chest rests on his arms. He is not trying to move in and out but he is making sure to lean forward to pick up his cards and place his bets causing you to move on him. And when he is leaning back thinking he is making his **** twitch. Not a big **** guessing about average one guessing about 6” but you are still enjoying it being inside you and Jim is enjoying the warmth and wetness of your puss wrapped around him. Before you or he knows it the two hands are over and you get up leaving him soaking wet.

Next to loose all there chips to you is terry. So you offer him 30 to spend the next two hands under the table massaging your feet and legs. He sits between your legs bringing one leg at a time into his groin resting your foot on his hard **** so you can feel it as he massages your leg. Starting with your calf and working his way up your leg. All the way up to your soaking wet puss. One leg with one hand then the other with the second hand repeating from the calf all the way up to your soaked puss you keeping your legs spread so he can see all the way up.

I loose again but you do not have the chips. So I have to get them from one of the others. Jo has all the chips this time he says he will give me 40 chips to sit out 4 hands and just watch and not say anything about the game. What can I say as I sit there and watch waiting. Enjoying the show actually. I watch as it is not long before Jo has you out of chips also. And offers you the 40 to sit in his lap for luck as he plays. So you go to his lap. He slides down in his chair to give you a lap. His **** is to big to stand strait up and rests on his belly. He turns you to face him this time and as you straddle him to sit in his lap he reaches down and stands his **** up and you feel the head at the opening of your puss. You go to stop and look at me to say something but I can’t say anything for the time I was out. Jo tells you to have a seat and raises up a little sliding his head into your puss. It takes a bit for you to get settled in his lap his **** now berried inside you. You grab a hold of his shoulders for support. And lean into him. He is slowly rotating his hips as you sit in his lap. You bight down on his neck as you *** on his **** even before the first hand is over. By the time the two hands are over you have came twice and squirted all over his ****. When you go to stand your legs are week and his **** is glistening with your juices. You have soaked him so much his balls are wet. And you are so wet you feel it down the inside of your legs. By the time I can get back in the bets have been big everyone trying to get you out of chips. I get in just in time to get the last of your chips again.

I have the 40 to get you to sit in my lap for two hands but instead I give 50 for you to get on all 4 in the living room and I come up behind you and **** you. When you say yes that was the end of the card game. You and I went to the living room you got on all four and I behind you. The rest of the guys where right behind us. As I interred you from behind. Jim and Terry where on ether side of you playing and pulling your nips. I pulled your hair back lifting your head and Jo was right there with his **** putting it in your mouth. Letting you suck him in. As I pushed my **** into your puss hard it pushed you further onto Jo’s. it was not long before I was ready to *** and you felt me filling you puss. I no sooner got done and sliding out Terry took my place, then Jim all the time you where sucking Jo. When Jo moved around back he rolled you onto your back and held your feet up to his chest. It was not long till he was all the way inside you ******* you deep. We come around to your head and you take turns licking us clean as Jo continues to **** his big black **** deep inside you. Well you try to but hard to do as you are being rocked back and forth. Jim Terry and I watch as Jo ***** you. We all get hard and excited watching and start playing with ourselves all around you. By the time Jo is ready to *** so are we again Jo tightens up and fills your puss again to where *** is running down between your *** cheeks. We all loose it right there ******* on your chest. Once everyone combs down and can move. Jim Terry and I get up and get dressed. Jo keeps his **** barred deep inside you and you pined to the floor as you kiss. I see Jim and Terry to the door and they think me for a great night. When I come back in Jo is on the couch still naked you are on you knees in front of him the head of his hard **** again in your mouth *** running down your legs from all of us. Jo is holing your hair out of the way so he can watch as you suck him hard. He looks at me and says that I have one **** hungry wife she cant get enough. All I can say is the truth I know that is why I love her. I quickly take my cloths back off and slide my **** into your well ****** puss.

You Jo and I spend the rest of the weekend ******* and sucking. We all eventually find our way to the bed and spend the rest of the weekend there except to get a bight to eat here and there. Sleeping eating and ******* for the rest of the weekend.

maybe on day it would be reality. I could only hope.
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GOd That is Hot.!.

Dam that is hot, sounds like one of my dreams. I'll have to deal with something here in a minute. >:)