Such A Firm Boo Tay!!!!

Grabbing hold of those cheeks and giving them a squeeze....

Listening to her quick intake of breath when I pinch them in a teasing manner..

Rubbing oiled thumbs along the outside with a sensual massage....

Can stare at it for hours and never be tired of Pixie's Booo tayyyyy!!!!

For it is Bootilious....

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11 Responses Aug 12, 2010

Think if she left her computer on when she isn't at home I just might be able to..... LOL!!!!

But you two WILL share her booty with your Sara, won't you?

OH yes Sara her boot - tay feels so good when she sits on my lap... MMMMMM..... Love when she curls up on my lap a cuddles in......<br />
<br />
<br />
*gently strokes Pixie's booty*

No, no... Pixie... please... come on over here... sit down next to me... let me put my arm around you and you just lean your head on my shoulder.... your breast against me.... I'll just rock you here and make you feel good....

*blush* you two are killing me! ;-)

Bet it feels just wonderful on your lap.... I know it would on mine!

Look at that boot - tay wiggle as she runs to get another beer.... GWAD DAMN that is hot!!!!

<br />
Damn.... looking GOOD!

*wolf whistles as Pix runs by* There goes that booo taaay again.... May I bite??? LOL!!!

*hehehe* OMG!!! ;-)

It is! It is! I am so jealous....