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in this group, my favorite position. As a girl I am devot and would lay down, legs up in the air or wrapped around the guy to get me deeper.
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6 Responses Aug 1, 2010

I fell the same way...nicely said

And you wrap those legs around him and pound his lower back, you'll get another inch off his large thing!

I agree. Missionary and legs spread and wrapped around him. Tight!

First I would not wrap my legs around a guy. But when I feel he is about to climax I would pound my legs around him to make sure he does it deep inside me.

You girls driving me a bit crazy, hearing that wanting deeper stuff, wrapping legs around... It was the avatar position that caught my attention too. Other than the notion and desire the position communicates to me, irresistable, I also like the position for impact, for when she likes it a bit rough in a pounding kinda way. thanks girls, thinking a woman like you is out there 4me

Girl, I so agree, anything to get deeper penetration is a good position :)