My Friend

my friend and me we both are went to the picnic,on the picnic stop we were stayed in a hotel ,in the hotel i saw first time my friend naked & i feel somethig,at that time automatically my hand goes down & i started torub my *****,at same nightshe is sleeping on bed,i took bath & came in room i saw she is sleeping & i cannot controlĀ  myself, i lie down on her side,first i kiss her then slowy moving forward i put my one hand in her leggins & i started to rub her ***** over her panty, then i put my next hand in her t-shirt & i star press her boobs on her bra,then i remove hand from t-shirt & i take her hand & i put her hand in my panty & started slowly to rub vagina.
samanthaas samanthaas
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no its not rape its fun

isn't that like rape ??