Ill Take Annoying For 400

alex... ill take annoying for 400
sammiesweetheart sammiesweetheart
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19 Responses Dec 15, 2012

correct thank u for playing jeopardy with me come back tomorrow to be our reigning champion

who is ediezen?

daily double..... ok this person is the person who refer to as u mom on here

hmm sweet and sour for 1200



although he is never here as much this person is a father figure to u

sweet and sour for 400

correct again

who is shannonymous?

this person threatend to shove her **** down ur throat

ill take ep bullies for 1100

correct again 1600

who is casperrae?

this person is a worthless piece of ****

ep bullies for 1200


who is littlestangie?

this person is nosey as ****

Naaa she's chill

once again not bout u

Ehat??? I wasn't talking about Littlestrangie. Dammit Chelsea


why are u even on this story?

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