Rubber Sheet For More Than 70 Years

Ever since I was 4 I was interested in rubber sheet. Educated by a professional nurse up to 7. Began to wet pants after her departure. Always scolded and humiliated for it. After 10 start to look into bed of other children in dorms. Asked to have one too. Always interested by bed wetters. Married young for many years. Wife understanding but keeping me under happy balance. Took advantage of professionnal trips to have rubber sheets in my bed and wet. Now single (wife deceased), I have one rubber sheet over the mattress + linen. When I do not want to wet the sheets I put a 3*3 square red rubber sheet above it and either wear diaper or add a towel.

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70+, M
1 Response Mar 15, 2009

Nice to hear about these things, rubber sheeting like is of all age.<br />
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Thanks for sharing