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I figured it out; I know what it is that’s been missing in my life: Games. I want you to come over and play with me. Will you? I want to beat you at Monopoly or Rummy.
I want to sit with you for hours, share a bottle of wine, talk about politics or our children, while we do a 1000 piece puzzle.
I am good at Jenga; I have a steady hand and a good eye. But I am more of a Battleship or a LIFE kind of person, I think. I like to get into my role. Sink my destroyer? I think not.
Don’t even think about Scrabble unless you have a dictionary in your pocket and you think you can keep up.
I am rather good at poker, which is surprising, especially when you consider that half the time I cannot remember the combinations required to win. I am not really manipulative, but rather lucky I  guess, as I tend to win by default rather than by design. 
Perhaps it’s the challenge I like, but I’m not sure. I think instead that it’s the shared experience, that we are doing the same thing at the same time, that we have said beforehand, “Wanna play?” or “Shall we have a go? I’m feeling lucky tonight.” It is fun and it is juvenile and it is a way to step out of our adult roles and for a time—so brief— walk away from whatever it is we should be doing, to escape the mundane. Oh! SORRY! Go back home. Start again. I feel SO badly for you. What a shame.
Yeah. I tend to engage in board game trash talk after a few glasses, so if I seem particularly empathetic watch out.
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I'm making a note of it.
That's funny; wait for the laughter to subside before picking the next card...And if you find that someone is getting too carried away, they lose a turn until they can compose themselves. haha.

I don't generally like board games, but the game Balderdash is pretty fun. The instructions at one point instruct the players to "wait for the laughter to subside," and I remember reading that and scoffing at their ridiculous confidence. Turns out, laughter really does ensue pretty often in this game, as long as you play with other funny people.

I don't have anyone to play with these days. I've been depressed anyway but this is what I think about when I think about how I like to spend my time. I like to stay home. I like to drink and have fun. This is how I would like to spend time with someone special. Someday...<br />
Thanks Woman. You and I are always on the same page. <br />
Also--I like to clean up Jenga. I like to line them all up just right. It's the OCD. It is the perfect game for me--the precision, the careful one at a time--and best of all, the clean up, haha

Don't know the game but This is sooooo funny. "suits my OCD.......". heheheee

b~ watch--extreme Jenga, then imagine trying to put all of the pieces back into the box...

I love Scrabble, Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit. I also like Jenga (but hate picking up all the pieces and putting them back in the box) and Buckaroo! Add a bottle or two and some nibbles and you have the best evening ever!!

I just read today that they are changing the values on Scrabble, or it has been proposed. It has something to do with how language has changed--but the old schoolers are clamoring for it to all remain the same...something like that. Interesting.

Yes, it's because there are so many words now that use the high value letters like Z, Q and X apparently. There's a restaurant here that uses big Scrabble tiles for all the signage (like F on the ladies bathroom door and M on the men's) which I think it cute. I suggested that they had a board with tiles on it for the guests to re-arrange as they think fit, while waiting for their food ... I think the results would be hilarious ... or perhaps they'd consider it a bit risky!

Yeah - Scrabble with real British English.

lol - is there any other kind bcj!? :)

Aye Milady, we shall beat these Americans on any day for they know not what to do with the "u". hahahaaaaa

While I do enjoy the honour of your friendship, I must point out that not only is Ep highlighting this as a misspelling, when I type it into Google it changes it --removes the "u" and insists in the sentence example given for it that "A great honor was bestowed". After a little more searching I found "British variation". I'd say in our game they would both be acceptable--especially if I had a "U" I needed to get rid of, haha.

haha ... you're not allowed to change sides midway through the game ... :)

Would it not disturb your OCD nature for weeks after, just knowing that you cheated?

I think that it is perfectly acceptable behaviour, that is, to colour my writing with a kind of multi-lingual flair, so I think it can be assumed that it would be acceptable in game playing as well. I would think you of all people would be able to see the humour in it.

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I just like to have fun and I have been playing bingo with my little one lately. She draws the balls and announces to the room (as if there is a crowd) "Does anyone have I 42?" and "Maybe someone has B 4 today." and we look at the dog and crack up.
I am also teaching her card games and we are having the time of our lives. I should have been folding laundry but we did that instead. So there are wrinkles...who cares, I got BINGO. haha

SciGuy--I adore the former and abhor the latter. I recently had someone attempt to engage me in the latter and I politely said "No, thank you,"
I am more the Pictionary type.

I would be the most horrible Pictionary partner - considering my feckless attempts at drawing. Of course, I guess that's what makes it fun...

That is exactly what makes it fun.

“There's a difference between playing and playing games. The former is an act of joy, the latter - an act.” ~ Vera Nazarian

" It is fun and it is juvenile and it is a way to step out of our adult roles and for a time—so brief— walk away from whatever it is we should be doing, to escape the mundane "
Count me in.
It is a better way to break the routine by playing a game. And it doesn't matter if I win or lose, I had fun.

Shhh. Don't tell anyone, because I am the trash talk queen--but I rarely win. I just talk big. Fun is fun, you're right.

Oh damn! I thought that this would be a real challenge.

Sounds like a fantastic evening

Doesn't it though? I like to improvise with the rules. Hope you're okay with that. haha.

o lawd improvised rules lol too much fun

Hahaha..., I'm game for games with a gamer!

Checkmate my *** lady.

= )

Ha! You're on brother

Oh geez, I play every chance I get, haha. No one can accuse me of not knowing how to have fun.

Ha! Thank you NotSoCrazYOne. Well, honestly, if you've got the games and the wine, I happen to have some homemade chocolate praline cookies, so I think we're good to go.

That's the spirit!

It is a great idea if I do say so myself. I'm trying to make up for lost time. Thanks soulfulOne

Im a puzzle girl first but I love to play! Great idea.

That's all you've got? Not..."You're on!" C'mon. I want to play!

This is like Tic Tac Toe between two people who are really good at the game. Then, the only way to win, is not to play.

Eish - here, ***** poker is going to end with two equally naked people.



oh lordy me!