Share My Wife

OK guys and women this is not an uncommon thing, there are just as many women who want to share there husbands as do men who want to share there wife's. the thing is that women do not want to admit to this as freely as men do for fear of being looked down upon or called names.
i have been there and believe me ladies, it has been my experience that women were, and will always be treated like a queen, or if you want to role play that's ok too, guys like this just as much i hope you guys out there will back me on this as well as women who have shared this experience.
If i have upset anyone i am truly sorry that is not my intent, but it is the year y-2k.
and as some of you might recall it was the same thing we did in the 70's do all you die hard hippies remember? lol
Well guess that's all i have to say about that.
So share away i say.
seatheart seatheart
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2 Responses May 19, 2012

I consider myself free, passionately. Humanity is always evolving through the generations. The concept of a committed relationship is an impediment to progress because it is egoistic, tyrannical in nature, requires partners to deny themselves.

I think of sharing my wife all the time, it's that bad I've even told her but she says she loves me too much and couldn't do it. I've tried to tell her she would be the centre of attention and would be worshipped but nothing seems to work. I want to share her so much.