Wife Never Experienced Big ****

My wife has never experienced a Huge ****. I myself am 6" at best with decent girth. I'm not small but I'm not well hung by any "stretch" of the imagination. I never saw the ***** of the only 2 other guys she ****** but she says they weren't any bigger than mine. I've told her many times that it would be a fantasy to see her little body and tight **** take a HUGE fat ****. She should get to experience that full sensation at least once in her life.

The problem is that she genuinely seems to not like large ****. We've bought a few ****** and vibrators. I had to talk her into getting anything over 5" and/or with much girth. She loved the small vibrators and she says the big ones hurt and she will not use them. In fact she threw the big ***** I got her away.

Is it possible that a woman could only enjoy mid size to small *****? Is she just not allowing herself the pleasure? I've told her I would let her try a Big **** and see how she likes it. She says that turns her off and "if" she try another **** she doesn't want it any bigger than mine. What do you think?
bucknut bucknut
36-40, M
Jan 19, 2013