I Can't Wait ..

Recently I was given a book about Billie Piper by someone very special to me M101. I searched for this book for the LONGEST time but to no avail, finally he found it. in the UK and had it sent to me :)

Most of you that know me also know I am totally hooked on Doctor Who. Of all the companions 'Rose' played by Billie Piper was always my favorite.
I've watched her Showtime series Secret Diary of a Call Girl ...both seasons and still continue to be drawn to her work and learning more about her as an actress/mother/person.
Work has been crazy the last 3 weeks and on Friday when I left, I had worked 63 hrs..not including Saturday! All this work is interfering with my free time, well not that I have much but I really want to sit down and enjoy curling up with this book!!

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3 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Aly- you need to get one, snuggle up and let it take you to another place...ahh bliss :)

Thanks all1rog! My gosh its been so crazy and there is another storm on its way!! So that means more work for me :(

I can't wait LittleLena :)