Lake Atkins. Has Become A Dumping Ground For Unwanted Animals!

I have lived on Atkins lake for less then a year. And I am shocked to see the amount of animals dumped out here. Now, I am a realist I know that their are those who out of desperation,ignorence or lack of facilities or what have you take this desprete and cruel step. But yesterday was the last straw for me and my family. As my husband was coming home from work he saw something different sitting by the boat ramp that many people use to put their boats in the lake. A small dog carrier? He turned the car around to see excatly what is was. As he approached the cage he started to hear growling. He said he thought to hiself "no way". As he bent down to have a look he sees this very tiny,very frightend dog sitting in the corner of the cage. And of course without hesatation or fear of being bite by the snarling 8lb little gremlin inside, my husband the true saint and puppy hero that he is, scooped the small cage up and brought it straight home.  After getting home he the lil guy over to me and perseeds to tell me the whole story.

This lil guy was tossed out like a empty beer bottle. What kind of person does this? Not only tossed him but locked him in a cage without water or food, or anyway to access eithier. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

And here I am a"Dr.Dolitte wanna be" watching this lil guy less then 24 hrs after his discovery play with my grandchildren. And looking quite fabulous after his brief makeover.I am left wondering "What did he do so bad to deserve what happened to him?" Nothing thats what!!

And my mission is to find the best home ever for this lil guy.  And for those thinking of dumping a animal out here again. watch out because"I AM WATCHING"!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that i have vented myself , I need help picking a name for this lil boy. So here is a breif description. And later I will post a picture of him.

He is a little jet black male dog. By the looks of him he is a poodle mix. very playful but well behaved. And this is his story.

Please remember that what you see on shows like on animal planet really happen. And the laws that get passed for cruelty are needed for reasons like this. And this lil guy was one of the luckey ones. We have to start speaking up for the ones that dont have a voice. People that do thing like this to animals are more than likely to harm a fellow human also.

I'll keep you updated on his progress,vet visits and possible new owners.Oh yeah and weight gain, he is under weight for sure, but i dont think gaining weight is gonna be a problem for this little hoover on four legs!!

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Feb 21, 2010