If a Muslim kills 1 Person (Anyone) everyones Like : His Religion´s Evil and full of Terror .
If a Christian kills 77 People : That Guy is weird (No One blames His Religion of course its christian) WTF
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Yep that sounds about right

It is our society. We are influenced by the news media and in infects all of us. Well, most of us. It is often the same with blacks and whites. A black man goes on a shooting spree and he is a gang member. A white man goes on a shooting spree and he is mentally ill. I think society will always be this way as long as we are influenced by the news media.<br />
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I make my own decisions ba<x>sed on what i know. i am not influenced by what the news tells me. I look or listen to the information and formulate my own decision. If 5 % of all Muslims are terrorists it doesn't mean they all are. The same goes for Americans. Even 5 % of Americans are terrorists. Are we biased against all Americans? No we are not. Why not? Because we have to live here.<br />
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I think it is wrong and I think people need to get their heads out of their a$$es and start treating all people equally. i don't care if your black, white, American, Muslim, gay, straight or other. We are all people and we should treat each other as such !!