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That Is Islam: Stoning Of A Young Woman

A Young Woman Is Stoned To Death In Iran....look At These Moslem Monsters!

Just look and decide for yourself:

Not an anonymous source, bot from SKY News.

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you should know there are she'aa and sini muslims , and few others....
am a sini muslim and i tell you that , not all muslim countries follow the laws of holy quran ,due following democracy , and never judge a religion by one man action , read it all then decide , and trust me on this news,tv,internet most of them fake the truth behind any story

its simple not all humans follow the religion rules of islam , by it details and what Allah said , wife beaten explained in hadeth , some abuse it , but the true thing is u can beat ur wife if she won't listen or in some situation but there should not be any injury like lets say beaten ason that wont listen to you on his hand , but you are right movies you saw and i saw show something aweful , but if you seek and read about islam not see what others do , its all fair and true and empty of mistakes

reality is human act not "Allah" law or rules for humans , its people who decide to do that and not follow the exact written laws in islam some times , there is a difference , beside take a general look on religions like christians and jewish most of their people drink/do s$x/ and as israel are daily killing , i cant blame their religion i blame the people , got my point?

SKy news!!!!!LOLLLLL!