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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


To be real on this path you must be humble–
If you look down at others you’ll get pushed down the stairs.

If your heart goes around on high, you fly far from this path.
There’s no use hiding it–
What’s inside always leaks outside.

Even the one with the long white beard, the one who looks so wise–
If he breaks a single heart, why bother going to Mecca?
If he has no compassion, what’s the point?

My heart is the throne of the Beloved,
the Beloved the heart’s destiny:
Whoever breaks another’s heart will find no homecoming
in this world or any other.

The ones who know say very little
while the beasts are always speaking volumes;
One word is enough for one who knows.

If there is any meaning in the holy books, it is this:
Whatever is good for you, grant it to others too–

Whoever comes to this earth migrates back;
Whoever drinks the wine of love
understands what I say–

Yunus, don’t look down at the world in scorn–

Keep your eyes fixed on your Beloved’s face,
then you will not see the bridge
on Judgment Day.

Yunus Emre

sunshines333 sunshines333 18-21, F 4 Responses Jan 6, 2013

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“Yunus Emre” His poems shows divine love as well as human destiny, no wonders, he remains as the powerful influence in the Turkish literature.

According to this author, we can all see God. I think this is a seeing of a giant. A shape of a human with proportions that fill the perception of space. This is why the prophet Daniel saw a giant hand writing on the wall. Most often we gaze upon the face, as we do with any human being. But the face is without features, it is as if we gaze into nothing. Yet we experience the face as something, and it provokes emotions of anticipation and joy. It is as if the experience of God is based on a memory of the first sight of a human being, whoever pulled you from the womb. Paul was guided when he spoke of God pulling him from his mothers womb. There is a strangeness we experienced, however, we are no longer in the womb united with an unseen living warmth. God is strange to our understanding. We cannot be united in body with another human being past our birth, but we can unite with world temporarily by projecting our first memory of a human being to the experienced world. This oneness of the anthropomorphized world perception is worship. The oldest art work is carved hemispheres on cave walls in india, dating about 100,000 years. The most subtle hypothesis is that these meant to stimulate our memories of seeing in the womb. In psychiatric hospitals, commonly the walls of a shower are painted the color of the flesh to calm patients. We learn that we came from a father, and we are left with a dilemma, was the first human being a man or a woman? Should we think of God as a father, like Jesus Christ did, or a mother? Because we all develop as women in the womb until the 7th month of gestation, and because sexual reproduction was modified asexual reproduction, we can only speak of us after the first man was born. Does this mean that the God of the sexual creation we participate in is a man like Jesus believed? This makes me wonder.

a very different kind of view ,though not completely, you drew out of post!and if u would tell the full name of Paul so tht i can figure out about which Paul u r talking about!bcz i dnt have idea of tht union u refered!
and tht first human being was Adam peace be upon him and then Eve was created out of his body!
then whole mankind emrged through reproduction which we knw!though prophet Eesa(jesus) and some others are miracles of Allah!and according to wht religion or school of thought jesus believed tht God was like a man(nauzubillah)!!this whole comment made me amzed!your considerations are under some theology which i have nt read anywhere,or perhaps i m nt getting u:(

The Paul i mentioned is of the new testament.

oh thts y i got confused...i have not much knowldge of it dear!sorry for tht:(


If there is any meaning in the holy books, it is this:
Whatever is good for you, grant it to others too

This is the Essence, We forget about the essential and just focus on the rituals

Thanks for Sharing

we build rituals to maintain our focus on the essential. We build complex civilizations from rituals, and i think rituals must be good because civilization is good.

Rituals are Important there is no denying that my friend, but the point i am trying to make is that we just focus on the rituals and the essence of religion is missed.

We go to mosques, Churches and temples but are we really communicating with GOD ? , Opening a book and reading it is the ritual we perform but the important thing is to understand it.

Thanks for the share.