My Brother Is Bullied.

I was sat on the bus on the way home today and my brother walks down the isle, his tooth in hand, and asks me if i have a tissue to put it in. I look a him bewldered and ask why he looks like he's getting a black eye, and why he is holding a tooth. He Just looks at me and says, "Patrick punched me". I was like 'umm WHAT?' ..

"patrick punched me.."


"just now"

I sat there in totall shock!. Tears began to roll down his face and i just numbly answered "sorry i dont have a tissue" and he went to sit back down! Imulled it over for a few seonds.. and looked behind me.. They were laughing and making fun of him whilst bigging up thos patrick lad! I Jumped up and strolled to where they were sitting and lent over them. The presence of a sixthformer soon shut them up. (they are yr 8s) i kindly asked them to explain why my brother was missing a tooth. Patrick answered.. "he annoyed me so i punched him.."

I just stared at him in totally shock and asked him to repeat. He gave me the same pathetic excuse and went on to say his dad had told him if anyone anoys you, you should punch them so they dont do it again.. Baring in mind the annoyence had occured throughboys joking around. I have not felt that angry in my like if wanted to smash his face in and ask him if he would touch my brother again.. but i dont believe in taking your anger out on other people... 

I simply cannot believe the ignorence of some people in this world.. 


LunaWolff LunaWolff
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1 Response Feb 9, 2012

another reason for why kids shouldn't respect their parents parents come out with the kind of bullshit that ***** people up most of the time.