Classmate Bullies

Last year I was admitted to my current Chinese Medical University along with 30 other international students. I lived with one of my classmates and one of the senior students. These two people were not nice people. My classmate screamed at me like a lion (no exaggeration intended) so she could force me to go to a non-school related social gathering even when I experienced a diabetic attack a day earlier. My senior student roommate misunderstood me and instead of asking me what I meant she outright insulted me with no apology after I told her she misunderstood me. I decided this year to move away from them but that lead to more trouble. My ex-roommate classmate decided to pin 4/8 of my female classmates against me which lead to the new 4 females pinning
6/24 male classmates against me (one of the males is the class monitor who gives important info from administration). Everyday when I go to class I have at least 10 people looking at me with absolute hatred. I hate this , I keep polite, I am silent, I become very anxious sometimes.

please help me because I think I am being bullied (mostly because If I do anything that they deem unacceptable like make more friends in class they might slander my name further)

I believe the reason for this is that I moved away and I voted for my friend that all 10/31 hate -> what should I do I will be going to school with them for another 3.5 years
LuulYusuf LuulYusuf
26-30, F
Nov 20, 2013