More Than Occasionally!

I do love to talk about myself so if you want to listen I will talk about myself more than occasionally. lol

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hehe you sure are and it looks like you are intently listening in your av pic too. lol

Mine is always messed up. I give into my sleep way to easy... My bed is one of my best friends.

nah. I have things to do. I took a nap and it messed up my sleeping pattern.

Maybe you can get some rest when you are done though.

I agree and that was one reason I just got up when I couldn't sleep.

Sometimes it is easier to stay away all night then to wake up from little sleep. Staying up all night and being forced to stay up from stress or something feel very different from each other though.

I am supposed to lead a conference call Ar and I had planned to nap but just can't.

I can't sleep either, but i need to be up in a half an hour anyway.

I agree. I told you I was going to bed and I am in bed but still can't sleep.

Well the usually people who follow you. They don't need to know that part of my life.

Oh okay... tell me in private. I don't think I have too many fans though Ar.

There is a long story behind her, but it isn't anything i would say to where your fans could watch.

So she can make you feel emotions? I like that. Is she an air force girl though? lol

The thing is she has always been the nicest person in the world only trying to help me, but why do i feel so much pain? <br />
<br />
We always seem to be going through the same stuff.

I am right there with you. He got the "eff you" tonight.

Especially when someone you tried to forget about sends you a message after 1.5 years today... -_- worst time in the world for it.

I understand it isn't easy.

I do too, but i dont know what it is going to take..

I just want you to be happy Ar.

Ive talk to each one of the recruiters. when i talked to the marines they sent me to the navy trying to get me to join a job working with nuclear technology. They couldn't tell me about the job because it is classified and they don't know themselves, but apparently very few people get scores high enough for it. I use to talk to the arm all of the time, and now i am looking into the air force.

I realize that but why wouldn't you talk to the recruiters from each branch and get their information. Why take someone's word for it. You are very smart and you are not a sheep. I want you to decide for yourself.

What you don't want me to marry an air force chick? I wasn't trying to yank your chain i am just going by what my brother and family has told me and stuff. They all tell me the training is better in the air force if you aren't looking to be a soldier. I can only go by what i am told until i see for myself.

Well who says you are going to marry an air force chick. I personally think the Army and Marine dudes look better so IF I was looking that would be what I was looking for and Army guys are intellectual too. Are you trying to yank my chain?

The army and marines are only good if you want to be a soldier. Intellectually the air force and navy are the best way to go. The air force i will have free time once my job for the day is over. Then i can work with my guitar and MMA. besides my brother in law tells me the women look better in the air force.

I did! I told you that you should go Army or Marines. Did you think that was based on anything other than hotness of uniform? I am so kidding about that but I do want you to think carefully and I want you to make sure that you get the best deal possible whichever you decide.

It is only a temp job and i will be working 10 hours a day. So i think it will really help with my body. I still plan to join the air force that is still there, but you never did voice what uniform i would look better in before.

I know and you have to do what is best for you. What happens to becoming a flyboy and that commitment? The physical work may help with your goal. I still say you would look better in an Army Uniform or a Marine. LOL

It is a lot of money to just pass up.. but still is stressing me out on my side too.

Well I know it is better for you but it will make me sad for a long time Ar.

I don't know that i am leaving. They said not to get my hopes up, but i am overwhelmed with stress about it. I can't even sleep.

It matters to me and I am still in shock that you are leaving.

oh well it doesn't matter.

Me too. That was why I joined.

I want to be loved but only by a very special person.

than LISTEN to "YOU" and LISTEN ALWAYS TO "HER"...<br />
___ONE Love for you... and you know that.<br />
<br />
<br />
you know full well "SHE IS YOUR HAPPINESS"... and "ONLY IS SHE YOUR HAPPINESS"...<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />

I know Ar, and what is weird is that you fascinate me more than most. lol<br />
<br />
NS, It is very true. I know it and embrace it lol.<br />
<br />
Mun, Awww thank you. I love talking to you.

*pulls up two chairs, crosses his legs, hands in his lap, looks at you and smiles* <br />
<br />
Ready :)

but you seem to be able to talk to others?

I need to work on that.

You don't say a lot when i talk about me either. You get really quiet around me...

I do and I have no clue why I do that with you. I love hearing about you though.

It is so hard to get you to talk about yourself... You seem to get quiet around me on that subject.

Well I will PM you in just a moment.

Yes I am. LOL Well I like to talk about my friends and family too but it is all about me.

You are definately your own favorite subject.............smiles


hehe thanks hammer.