everything in my life is going pretty much **** up atm. i've was really enjoying myself about a year ago. i was in love, had a great job in a club that i loved and uni was going fine. in august last year i came back from work one night and walked in on my girlfriend at the time having sex with my brother who i love with. my world litterally turned upside down and have become so depressed since. i did gain a good friend at work through sharing experiences and he helped me through quite a bit and i'm now moving in with him in june. basically i have become so depressed when i'm by myself. uni has gone properly **** up and ive got my first exam on tuesday and am so stressed because of it. i don't know what to do with my life and have found myself wasting day after day on facebook and drinking wine and smoking while progressively becoming more short tempered and irresponsable. i love my job and have just been promoted too but even at work, there is a new manager and my good friends i've made are now leaving. i don't feel as if i have anything to give any more and my head is completely ****** up. i know my ex wasn't good for me but she was completely in love with me even though she did such a horrible thing and i miss being loved. i don't know how to go out dating cos i've never done it because i was with her for so long and its left me really frustrated and upset. i've yet to have a night alone without crying.

can someone please leave me some kind of message with their interpretation on what they have just read. something i can use to get my life back on track


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I found happiness just asking Jesus into my heart and now I can make it for I know I am not alone. I read the KJv Bible also know that vitamin B12 and B6 helps depression. But you also need good friends. Cultivate them, drop the bad stuff and reach for the good stuff. And have a truly blessed life! Jo

I can really relate to you. I've been through the same thing myself very recently. Don't let this ruin your life! Don't give your ex so much power over you that you become so unhappy with yourself but do nothing to raise yourself up from the low depths. It's hard, and you need people to support you. Sometimes we can't lift ourselves up on our own. What do you want in life? Focus on what you want, and NOT just a significant other. You need to be happy again, and yes, it sucks to not feel loved, but love will come again--you just have to get out of this pit first. Please feel free to send me a PM.