I Wish You Were There When I Need You Part 4

I just returned from a weeks vacation. It seemed at the time I was able to push the rotten stuff in my head to the back and enjoy the time away with the family. But as the week went on it just didn't seem to work as well and I realized that I needed to talk to you but you weren't there. Not because you weren't there but because the connection was so bad that I couldn't get online long enough to type sentence. I would have loved to call but there was absolutly no reception. Oh how I wish I could have chatted. I would have told you I was struggling. I could have processed the crap and not have let it build up. Now I am home and I am crashing. Its like a water falls flooding me on the inside. And I am alone.....
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2 Responses Aug 14, 2010

I know how you feel. My husband recently died and I feel like I have no one to talk to either. It's funny that people I call friends are now very scarce. I realize they just don't know what to say or how to act, so they just stay away. All I really want is a hug to a shoulder to cry on.

I am sorry you could not reach out when you needed it the most, but you were not alone. You have not left my thought's, my heart or my prayer's since day one of meeting. You have people here that have you on their prayer chain everyday. You are my friend and your pain is my pain to share the best that I can. I cant see you and I cant hug you when you hurt. But I did what I knew to do. I hugged the air in front of me and prayed. God I cant hug and comfort my friend, but you can, please wrap your loving arm's around my friend and let her feel the comfort of your spirit. Let her feel my arm's around her also dear god as only you can. Be with my friend in a mighty way. I thank you dear lord and give you all the praise and glory. Robert