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hi...im new on this site..really dont know wht to do bt here i go....i had a few bad experiences and have bin tryna get over them from the last few years and it seemed to work out just fine....a typical girlfrnd/heartache scenario which wasnt all that typical...i get into drugs and booze and start spending my days away..and now that i try to quit drugs here i am looking at her facebook profile and smoking cigarettes..i dont even know how to put all that in words..
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1 Response Jan 22, 2011

Well I will tell you this time heals all wounds.... I was engaged for a year and freaked out and left him....yea I know I am a ***** but fear is a scary thing....I was getting married for all the wrong reasons. I know its hard but you have to move on think about yourself...Your young just like me and there are tons of great girls out there....Just don't do what I did...I went looking for a guy..hahaha stupid me...lol Just take one day at a time and if you need some random person to vent to or talk about your feelings I am here.... I love listening... No I am not some wierdo who is 500lbs sitting on my *** on the internet all the time... I work my *** off at my job and I am just trying to find myself:)