I Need A Hero

I need someone to save me from the boredom before i lose my sanity. Then again it may already be gone. I have nothing to do anymore. I have nothing to look forward to anymore. College doesnt start till september so until then Im bored stuck in the house except work but work doesnt last that long.
angeliceyes11 angeliceyes11
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9 Responses Jun 30, 2011

Likewise. I feel like everything in the city is sooooo boring, and I dont start college until september too.. Ive just been trying to pass time!

I would but there is no water near where i live. The water that is close is polluted

hang out by the water i can sit and watch the ducks and people at the park for hour and get a tan

thanks :)

sure why not :)

wanna watch some videos on chakras and new age spirituality ?

aww thanks :) and yea i have a job 3 days a week from open to close but i still get bored

are there and summer jobs for you around<br />
but i hate being bored but i have to work in a few or i would talk with you