Does He Really Like Me Or Am I A Challenge?

I've been seeing this guy for a while who I used to absolutely hate. He has lots of kids from lots of women, he's always been a player. He's 7 years older than me and much more experienced. He's aware I am a virgin who doesn't believe in sex before marriage and he is totally fine with that. He doesn't disrespect me, he's always there if I need him, he goes out of his way.. He's completely different to how I thought he was.

I'm just confused, does he genuinely like me? Or is this just a game, will he do everything he can to get what he wants or would he even go to the extent of getting married to have sex?

I'm very cynical I've never done more than talk to a couple of guys. I've always waited to be with someone who gives me the feeling as cheesy as that sounds.. I would never expect it to be someone like him.. However, I am falling for him and would love to believe he is sincere.
HoneyHaden HoneyHaden
Nov 28, 2012