Someone Enlighten Me

What is the point to life? All there seems to be is copious amounts of pain, misery, guilt, shame, suffering, corruption and embaresment. Every single f****** day I wake up and wish I didn't. Im' drowning in all of the above, and need someone to throw me a life jacket. So anyone, please tell me, what is the point to life, when all there is in life, is pain, misery, suffering, guilt, shame & corruption?
theoneandonlysuperman theoneandonlysuperman
2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

Also if the person in this room don't mind go for the user name nedkelly,he is full on!

Begining from clean up inside your place and keep your self tidy and smell good at all the times.hope this is more then life jacket you asked!;-))