I Have No Idea Who I Am.

My name is Katy - I know that much.
I act over confident around other people, but after every self-assured comment I make, my concious mind makes a comment to make me realise it is defiantly not true.
I act like I'm so sure of myself and cocky, but I know that that's all just a show.

This must be a common problem, but every time I think somebody actually is interested in me, they move on or do something to make me realise I have imagined it all.

I've been told many times on these sort of websites that it's a phase etc.
But it's not.
On the inside, this little voice is just beating me down and I have thought on many occasions who would really miss me if I were to die, and have considered cutting.

On many occasions I have just broke down crying for no reason, or just became really sad and I'm not sure why.

So yeah.
BeautifulRedemption BeautifulRedemption
13-15, F
Dec 7, 2012