My Dad,

I have an older brother and sister, and my parents divorced when I was was 2.
My mom has had on-and-off relationships, none of them being serious.
My dad was a different case.
He dated a woman after a couple of years of separation from my mom, and stayed with her until 2 years ago.
This was tough, because she straight away went with somebody else and has had 2 babies, and it was hard seeing my dad so upset.
When he told us, we thought he was kidding and they were getting engaged or something - we were wrong.
Then my dad got with somebody else who he is presently with. She has two younger children, both of which I feel my dad puts before his actual children.
His girlfriend is... okay. She doesn't really do much with us, but she's okay. Her kids however, aren't. Before they moved in, my dad promised that 'our things would be ours, and they won't touch them'. Guess what? I can't find any of my things, and I tell my dad that, but he claims 'They're kids, what do you expect?'
That really annoys me.

When we were little, when we would do something wrong, I distinctly remember him bashing our heads together.
It was nothing serious, and once he got with his first girlfriend, this stopped.
I was only little, and can't remember much, actually.

So yeah.
BeautifulRedemption BeautifulRedemption
13-15, F
Dec 7, 2012