My Sister's Gay - Why Is That Such A Big Deal?

At school, people tend to use 'gay' or '******' as an insult.
Normally I would just question them, asking why it should actually be insulting.
But this seemed not affective after a while, and so I flat out told people "My sister's gay, do you have a problem with that, too?"
But after I had said this quite a few times, people had started coming up to me and actually asking if she was really a lesbian.
I would respond with a "Yeah, so?" or "Why, are you interested? Want her number?" And other things like that.
As it was starting to really annoy me, people starting spreading rumours that I was a lesbian like her.
And I'm not saying I'd be ashamed, because I have every respect for gay people, and believe they are equals, but I'm not gay, and so it made me a bit upset that they would think this just because my sister is.

It's started to quiet down now, but there is the few people who won't let it go and find it amusing.
I'm not sure why I'm even writing this, but I wanted to get it out there, you know?

So yeah...
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2 Responses Dec 7, 2012

For 3 h I'm lookin' to talk to someone online- no profiles, no ads, no membership/profit. There'sv6 billion ppl, and even online no way to find a single soul to talk to. Unimaginable how it can turned out to be true that the more ppl around you, more alone YOU feel. Welcome ppl of the future.

I have a gay friend, known her since elementary school. I don't think it's a big deal either, but I think it's commendable how you've dealt with others about it. I just wanted to say, stay strong. The immature idiots who haven't let it go will probably get less out of it if you don't let them see it affect you. Eventually they should move onto the next thing thing that makes their dull lives more entertaining. Just know that you're the better person.

Thank you. You're right; after a week or so, they've just stopped - clearly finding I didn't react dramatically and it wasn't new gossip any more.