Just Want Some Friends

I am, you can say, desperate... but I am just enjoying chatting with different people... No harm done and I am not dangerous.. Haha.. I am just 16 years old and I should be the one who should be frightened on what I am doing... but I just want some friends to talk to, even for a short time...
I already surpass the depressed mode and survived the "I am leaving you, you are nothing... " by my friends... I am happy at the same time lonely...
Can anybody be my new chatmates (even our time don't match...)?? Anyone who would wait for my replies and be agitated if I didn't reply even just for a day...
Hope I can find him/her....

Or I can be on the other side....
Anyone want someone who would wait for my replies and be agitated if you didn't reply even just for a day... I could be that one

I also give advice, I might be young but I am much older in the way I think....
Any problem?? I want to help you!

please email me at elisa_cruz02 (@yahoo.com) or elisacruz02 (@hotmail.com)
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7 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Anyone have a drinking problem here? I go to hard when I party


ATE should i call you by thaT? HEHE how could i add you up po?

Thanks, you're very nice for offering advice and help.

Me too ! I will be happy with anybody to talk to x

i wasn't able to add u due to ur privacy restrictions on ep, i added u to my messenger, hope u go on soon :)

i will be ur freind :) i will be waiting for ur replies impatiently :) ill add u here and on my e-mail, its dukedukedevlin@gmail.com :)