Why Won't He Have Sex With Me ?

I just need to talk :(
My bf and I have been dating 5 months now im 23 and hes 26 it's a pretty bad relationship but the only reason I stay is because I'm so scared of being alone, you see I was in a long term relationship for 6 years which I ended in feb 2012 because it was too routine ! Little did I know it was gonna become the biggest mistake of my life ! My current bf refuses to have sex with me !? It was okay at first but he recently lost his job and has become a little depressed. I understand this completely so I try not to pressure him into having sex but there is just nothing there at all he never touches me or pays me a compliment. My self esteem has now hit rock bottom and I've tried talking to him about it but it just ends up in an argument and him saying am pushing him away by asking !? I am so confused and have no one to talk to :( pleasssseeee help !
Tinytears23 Tinytears23
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

Hi Hun I'm in a similar situation of u want to chat?