From The Moment, Where..

Guys I just read some stories here...and one thing came across my mind. I want to tell all of you...YOU ARE AMAZING. Thank you for being there, for sharing you experience with the others.
You are not alone. There are many people feeling the same way as you do. They understand you. The feel you. The hearts beat just as one. Look around. We are humans, we were created to be happy, to be loved. So we are, even if by some reasons we don't see it. There are always some people who need us, who pray for us, the people, whose only dream is to know we are alright.
There is no another YOU in this world. Remember it.

Sometimes it's hard, cos happiness takes some work, it takes time and patience. We have to be strong, sometimes we have to be fighters, but it's worth it.
We should not just remember who we are, we should make this WHO WE ARE better.
Feels like I'm carried away by this...

The last thing. Thank you. And remember about HIM who knows you, who loves you, who is the love itself.
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Jan 17, 2013