Just Wanted Someone To Know.

Aug 14th 1995. South Cali. Male. Christian.

sigh. just have been feeling a bit lonely. This year, i quit band because of the bad influence i was getting from people in band. but, of course, i mainly only had friends in band. I'm a drummer and i love it. more so when i'm praising God with it. i play Guitar too. Then we moved churches. the one place where i had true brothers and sisters, people i confide in, a teacher/older sister whom i will miss dearly. so lol. more loneliness. Not depressed, but just would like to get it all out. Maybe I'm just looking for a friend. who knows?

i've gone through my fair share of stuff. not exactly innocent and pure as people see me as. things i love are arts of all sorts(Music, drawing, writing, Martial arts), beautiful things, & God. Eh. i sort of doubt i'll find someone here to talk to. but, doesn't hurt to hope does it?
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Well actually, I'm just about your age of course my page says something different but yes I too am a Christian, I understand what it's like to have bad influences, I had to even give up my cousins because they were such bad influences, I left public school because of the bad association and went to an alternative high school where I just finished a semester early for taking on extra classes, my social life is very boring and experience.com is the only place where I feel I can express myself and say and think whatever I want. Trust me I understand.

Hi :) I'm here if you want to talk. We have 2 things in common - we both play drums and we both love God. I'm also kinda going through the same thing. I'm glad I read this! :)

Thanks man. Er.. not man. woman. lol. You play drums? I don't often see female drummers. would like to get to know you!

Hahahaha woman, yes woman :D Yeah, I do and I absolutely love the drums! :) and I would like to get to know you :)