The Evil One

i was born to a mother who hated me from the day i was born, shed leave me with anyone just to get rid of me. i did and still hate her so much then at8 my good drandad died and i thought things couldnt get much worse with the beating but **** i was wrong the sexual stuff started and it was real tough with him and his mates. ive been reading all the books about coming through abuse and how they ve made it there and i wanna know whens it my turn but my counsellor tells me im ganna have a long time finding any book as bad and that filled me with horror and i was sick in the bathroom. shes been a counsellor in sexual abuse for 25 years and ive only told her half of it what chance av i got lol im doomed
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reading your post was like holding a mirror to my life. really don't be disheartened. It takes a long time to heal and whatever way you do it has to work for you. I found going to councillors, psychologists, psychiatrists didn't really work for me. Going over and over the same **** just left me feeling in the same crappy place and struggling with life. I would suggest you maybe google an organisation for the adult survivors of child abuse. There is definitely one in the Uk. Stay strong, I promise it does get better

Smile. When she hits u smile when she yells at u smile and remember they can hit you they can rape you they can molest you but they can't touch u as a person unless u let them. You're strong you can handle her worthless ***. You're gunna make it and shove it in her ******* face that she didn't break you. I'll support u %100 in anything cuz I've been through it. Planning revenge? I'll help. Need a place? I'll help. Help getting a job? I'll apply for you anywhere. Need to talk? I'm here.

Forgiveness is key. It will free you from the pain disappointment and fill ou with happiness. Try it

i understand how you feel with a parent who hates you. **** them! if you cant move away or run away bare with it , take it day by day and soon you will be able to give the greatest revenge by actually being happy, having a life. they will get what is comming for them. just if you desire to run, have a plan, think of every possible obstical and plan how to get past it.

I can't imagine the ordeal you have had to experience. I know time can be a healer for some and I know that opening up to your past and living an open honest life can be a healer and a opportunity for freedom too. <br />
<br />
All the best! You deserve it!

i didnt understan some of the words & who `s `him` ?? <br />
mmmmm try to confront your issues trust me denial will do nothing for u,,<br />
i ve been there,, my abuse was part of the problem ,, most of the problem was the denial