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im expecting to meet you...and im excited to know that technology is so  beautiful.surely my faith will be rewarded...pleeze no one try to patronize or humor me .  this is so much deeper
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1 Response Oct 9, 2006

It's so much easier to open up and be honest with people when you are anonymous. I have things going on in my head that I would never share with my friends because they might judge me. Some people think I'm kinda tame, and others think I'm kinda twisted, isn't it weird how we show different sides of ourselves to different people. And if they perceive us a certain way we just kind of go with it as to not blow their image? As I get older though, I care not what people think, I have lots of issues I'm dealing with, and I've let a few people know over the last few months, and I'm actually happy about it. They haven't judged me, and in fact have sympathized and admitted that they even share similar problems. I guess, being honest and up front really shows who your true friends are, the ones that care and won't write you off just because you are a bit weird or a bit troubled. I'm getting more sensitive as I get older, but I also take less **** from people and am much more likely to confront someone if they **** me off. I guess what it adds up to as that I'm less afraid, less afraid of what people think, and what they will do. I don't have the time or the inclination to worry about things that are out of my control. Bottling up my feelings and emotions has only served to lessen me and damage me, letting them out has been such a relief and a release. It really makes life easier, and that is something anyone can use! <br />
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Ok, there is my introduction to you : )