I am sure many will be familiar with the ant and grasshopper story...the ant work hard in summer collecting food and store it for the winter meanwhile the grasshopper being lazy does nothing and when the winter comes...ants survive cos of the stored food meanwhile the grasshopper dies in large numbers..now relating this whole scenario to india...ants r the majority and hoppers r the minority ...when the hoppers due to its laziness die in large numbers..it gets depicted the following way...the world media covers this story...and says hoppers r dying in huge numbers this is social inequality...the government comes up with a plan stating ants should not work soo hard..its cos the ants r storing all the food and so there's nothing left for the hoppers..and the communists and the so called secularists come up with a policy stating the ants food should be equally split and given to the hoppers....WTF ri8 this is the present scenario in India...i am not trying to pit one religion against the other...i am jus questioning the special treatment given to the minorities ..backward castes in the educational front in the form of quota and thats the reason y our country is able to produce substandard engineers and doctors ...jus make it a level playing field and it would do wonders to the country as a whole...Jai hind
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*whipping my tears***...well said dude..very well said=D