Man who doesnt? I mean, let's face it. Some of is don't have the looks to catch a girl's eye. But a girl who sees and shares our likes is more liable to give us facialy challenged individuals a chance. It's nice having a player I've said before in another post: flying solo gets a bit lonesome...
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Theres a lot of prejudice against this type of gamer. So although they exist in the millions, that dosent meant they are easy to find.

I'd date

Ahh, but wouldn't it be odd to date a 21 year old when you're in the preteen bracket?

not to me

Ehhhh...I'm a bit out of your age range.


I took some time out to learn more about you. I must say, you've got something nice going for yourself. You don't want to mar your new career with a scandal like being a lover to a 21 year old black man.


You are very welcome, young miss. Though I cannot offer that level of companionship, I can offer friendship. If you like...


A pleasure to know you then. I am called Fuji.

I'm zoe

Hello again, young Zoe! Is all well with you?

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