Let Me...just Let Me..

Savoring each moment
Appreciating her beauty
Praising her heart
Kissing her eyes
Holding her hands
Transferring the affection in our eyes to one another
Making crazy promises
Living for each other
Showering light on her wounded heart
No problem being the rebound
As long as i can comfort her
Tryin my best to turn heaven to hell
My heart rends at seeing your harmless self badly wounded :'(
M gonna make everythin alright
Just trust me..
Allow me to love you
You're that special one
You'r that precious one
Someone never to be replaced
Someone so cherished
Someone so close
Girl let me pour my emotions into you
Girl let me embrace your emotions
You're my life
You're my heart
You're what i live for
Not lovin me won't affect me
Just let me give all of myself to you
Let my heart lay down the pavement for your feet
Let my tears live for your smile
Let my happiness overwhelm your sadness
Oh baby...
One life is just too short to be with you...
A lifetime is just too less for my longings..
So let me lend myself to you...
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Jan 14, 2013