Wansview Nch-532mw On Mystore365.com

Wansview nch-532mw is a certain reputation in manufacturing camera in China. Many people like this kind of IP camera because it is not only complex function but also high cost-effective. It adopts mega pixels CMOS sensor and H.264 compression format. The Wansview NCH-532MW supports 720p (1280*720) video resolution and supports H.264 Main Profile compression format. Its bit rate is smaller and the image is more clearer.
It is more convenient to transfer through Internet and save more storage space, which adopts mega pixels CMOS sensor and supports 720p (1280*720) video resolution and support 3 kinds of video stream. It is suitable for local, internet and cross-platform view.
You can gain the audio through its connecting external audio and capturing device (like MIC phone or sound pick-up) and achieve two-way intercom because its external speaker can sent to the live scene by playing the voice. That is to say you can monitor all you want to see anytime and anywhere. Also, you can enjoy high clear video as it would automatically change IR and color filter with no any color difference. It supports maxim 32G SD card for video and picture storage.
Speaking of security issues, its function of infrared LED for night vision covers 20m area can realize 24 hours monitoring. You also can watch video by your mobile phone through wireless. On the other hand, alarming record can be stored by email, SD card, FTP server. External alarm can be open when it has detected unusual around and it will send alarm information to the alarm server. What is more, motion detection and alarm pin can be connected to external sensors to detect environmental situation. It has been up to waterproof class of IP66.
Manufacturer provides a free DDNS URL when IP Camera is connected to the internet that means this URL can be used to visit the device. At the same time, manufacture provides free software which supports Multi-view, Long time recording and video replay. You can view videos through other browsers like as Firefox, safari etc. So immediately login mystore365.com.
qiangqiangshijie qiangqiangshijie
Jan 18, 2013