Wansview Nch530w Ip Camera

If you need to buy a camera, then you can have a try for Wansview NCH530W IP camera and network camera software for windows. Always keep watch for your goods from anywhere via turning your computer into a security system and using other computers. You can also use webcam to watch live video to your website, to schedule automatic captures or recordings or to schedule specific actions using the motion detector.You

The video is compressed by MJPEG. There are VGA/QVGA/QQVGA three video resolutions optional. User can change some parameters according to their demands to satisfy his own visual prefer. With built-in Microphone, and also providing a interface for external mic,it enables user to monitor the sound on the site. User can also connect this equipment to the speaker, and it supports two-way intercom function. It was equipped with pan/tilt function, horizontally 350°and vertically 100°. Its outlook is smart, easy and convenient to install in many sites. Moreover, it adopts the TCP/IP network protocols and has inner web server. Users can browse video through IE and other browsers. Data is transferred through one port; it is easy for user to do the network setting.

Our products are intended for private users and companies wishing to put in place low cost video surveillance systems using webcams or network cameras. No matter for home monitoring or the office, you absolutely need one. Mystore365 have more details for you. Welcome to enquire.
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Jan 22, 2013