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WANSVIEW NCS601W is a new generation of plug & play product which can give you the reassurance that your child is resting peacefully. Equipped with P2P technology for sound clarity, you can feel comfortable your little one will come through loud and clear when they need you.It were designed to be installed by people just like you--not IT experts and you even do not need a PC. You'll be surprised how easily and quickly your network cameras will be up and running.

Of course this baby monitor is also super durable. no need to set the port mapping (NAT) , only need to connect with network , and can be browsed realtime image and vedio anytime by iphone or android or by apps of cellphone or computer. You can finish all setting of ip camera by your cellphone.The alarm image can be stored by network platform. Additionally, Wansview is known in the industry for its good quality.

Now the IP camera is widely used in your home, office, warehouse and other places, which is related with you secure. Also, compared with other high quality IP camera. If you have any interest in ip camera, please come to mystore365.com.
qiangqiangshijie qiangqiangshijie
Dec 12, 2012