Another Day

Lately it seems that I have not been in a very good mood. a little over a year ago I lost my child. I moved away to better my life and got stuck in a rut, i ended up an alcoholic, with drug problems. I ended up getting pregnant and moving back to where i started. Lately I seem to be taking it pretty hard, I think because it is the year anniversary of my sons death. I have talked to very few people in my life about what is bugging me and no one really understands because they have not been through something like that. I am pretty young still and none of my friends have had children so they don't understand the loss. It is a struggle to get up each day, none the less enjoy my day.

talkingcrazy talkingcrazy
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1 Response Mar 1, 2010

There are some GREAT support groups online for parents of children that have passed. Google "babylost child" to find some. I hope you find peace someday....