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I have always been entrepreneurial minded, so I studied to become in doctor. I have been a doctor for 20 years. I love helping people and that is why I chose to be a doctor. A few years ago, when my daughter was seven years old, I realized I didn't even know her. She had been cared for by a nanny and she was growing up without me!

I was working 60-80 hours a week and when I wasn't working I was busy finishing my paper work for the office. One day when we were at the beach, I asked my daughter if she wanted to go to the playground to play and she went to her nanny and asked her to take her to the playground.

What was happening? My daughter was treating her nanny like she was her mother and was treating me like a stranger. It was then; I decided I wanted to be more present in my daughter's life. I cut my hours by a lot and started looking for a home business. I decided I should be the one picking her from school, helping her with her homework and go shopping with her.

I had to change my mindset, to attract abundance and prosperity, instead of being a slave for my business. After all, according to the law of attraction, prosperity, happiness and freedom are mine and everyone’s birthright.

In my journey of attracting abundance, I found many "so called" businesses; I bought a lot of different information and e-books. Although, I made some money with some of these programs, I was not able to replace my six-figure doctor's income. It took me about 5 years of research and many thousands of dollars to find a business with a very simple 3 step system. This system has worked for hundreds of entrepreneurial minded individuals who are fully aware of the power of leveraging their time to multiply their income. This business only requires 15-20 hours of work per week using a phone and a laptop from any where in the world. This business is not affected by the economy.

I was attracted to this business, not only because of it's simple and lucrative system, but also the mentorship the company provided. I was helped and mentored by hundreds of self-made millionaires who themselves are the students of, and live by of The Law of Attraction principals and have the belief: “Whoever renders service to many puts himself in line for greatness - great wealth, great return, great satisfaction, great reputation, and great joy.”

I am so glad I had the good fortune of finding this company and I want to introduce this opportunity to as many people as I can. My life has been transformed because I chose to see and attract a different possibility in my life than what it was. This business is for anyone who wants to find a business opportunity that is going to allow them to have the time freedom they deserve with their family and friends. I now only work 15-20 hours a week and the rest of my time, I get to spend with the ones who are most important to me.

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