Three that I know of and possibly 4. Two aborted.
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Three that I am aware of...or technically ONE, but three times over. Got my girlfriend pregnant when we were barely more than kids ourselves...but she had an abortion. Later married the same woman, and years later got her pregnant twice, both of those times carefully planned.
It's possible (but not likely) that I've gotten someone pregnant since a swinger, I used to have a LOT of unprotected sex, but most female swingers are on some kind of birth control, so that's why I say it's unlikely.
Now the only one I have unprotected sex with is my fiance, and she's been fixed. We both have sex wit plenty of others, it's just always with protection!
But just to be on the safe side, I am getting a vasectomy soon.

There is at least one woman I could have had bareback sex with, if only I'd been fixed, and she is one of the sexiest women I know! I don't want THAT to happen again!

I've had two

Two of what?