More Than I Meant to

Two women:  my wife (4 times, 2 children) and my first **** (a girl I met on vacation when I was 17.  I didn't know about the first one until a couple of years ago.  (Long story.)  I knocked up my wife twice before we were married.  Miscarried both times, which I guess was fortunate (though we wonder what they might have been like had they been born).  Then I knocked her up on our wedding night -- another surprise (tho't we had taken enough precautions, but ....).  The second time was planned and great.  (See my story, "I impregnate my wife.")  I really wanted to knock her up again, but she thought two children was enough and, eventually, I agreed.  REALLY fun to plant that seed though!  Getting her pregnant is one of our favorite role-playing fantasies when I do her.

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2 Responses Mar 20, 2009

I'm almost certain I fathered twins in to a girl about 7 years ago and another child to a one night stand the night before the twins... let's just say it was a great New Years eve with no protection at all.... and I was not shooting blanks. Got another girl pregnant while we both used protection about 3 years ago, she decided not to have it. My wife and I are waiting a while, but I wouldn't mind if it happened now.

Me too, I keep trying and the birth control pill keeps working. Not fair. It is only 99.9% effective so my time will *** ;-)